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The following are resources that we have developed as part of ‘Start your own business’ and other programmes over the last few years and we provide the following information for your use.  We ask that if you use these resources that you give us our full due by proper citation and reference.  Naturally, we provide this information without prejudice and we cannot accept responsibility for how these resources are used and for any misinterpretation of data derived from the information or exercises provided.  Good luck!

How to Write Your Own Business Plan

This book was written by Kenneth Germaine to guide entrepreneurs in writing their own business plan and covers all of the main related issues.  The focus is on giving the skills to the entrepreneur to allow them to write, at least the first draft, of their own business plan.  The book covers why you want to be self employed, the executive summary, the management plan, the operations plan, market research, sales and marketing plan, the financial plan, the implementation plan and conclusions.  The book is downloadable in pdf format.

Selling & Negotiating Skills for Entrepreneurs

This book aims to provide entrepreneurs and nascent entrepreneurs with little or no sales experience an introduction into sales and the selling/buying process.  For many years I have met clients who have an unnecessary fear of sales.  Many people set up their own business because they are good at their particular skill but have no business skills.  I focus on the buying process; helping a client through their buying process and aligning the sales process to focus on this and the client.  The book is downloadable in pdf format.

Financial Projections - A How To Guide

Financial Projections – A how to guide (pdf format)
This guide was developed by Ken Germaine to assist those on his pre-enterprise programmes to get a better handle on what and how to project.  It is in simple terms and is full of exercises to assist the nascent entrepreneurs get started on the fun world of financial projections (okay, fun might be overstating it a little!)

Estimating Sales/Turnover – An exercise

Estimating turnover – an exercise (pdf format)
This is part of the ‘how to guide’ but is extracted as many people have particular issues with projecting sales forward.  Many people have a better handle on costs but have no guide on how to project sales and this little exercise is proffered as one possible way to address this problem.

Survivors Guide to Running a Social Enterprise

manual sazba final[1] (pdf format)
This is a manual from an EU-funded project led by the Union of Czech and Moravian Production Co-operatives.  We acted as experts in the writing of the manual which is aimed at giving those setting up or running a social enterprise in the Czech Republic the information necessary on how to go about this.  The manual is in the Czech language.